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  • Sophie Roberts

Beer Pong Tournament

The Kingsley club rooms are no stranger to the sound of a ping pong ball splash in a red solo cup but the first club event for the year proved on another level as 32 teams of 2 competed for the coveted title of "Beer Pong Champion". The event drew a huge crowd and the competition was hot!

Official referee/MC Greeny was pacing the tables like an animal, assuring each team was abiding by the rules and the competition was fair. After 4 knock out rounds it was time to crown third place to Drummo and Akka.

Then came the main event, the beer pong championship between Jimmy and Peggas vs Trek and Coey. 3 tiered seating surrounded the final table in a heated game which had it all, entrance songs, bounce shots, trick shots and plenty of heckling from the crowd. As the spectators engaged in the Mexican wave the 4 opponents worked hard on eliminating all 10 of the cups. In the end the clear favourites Jimmy and Peggas proved too good and won with the ease they had played with all night.

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