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  • Sophie Roberts

Annual Golf Day in Full Swing

February 1st marked the second installment of the “Kingsley Open”, our Annual Pre-Season Golf/Rookie day. Designed for team bonding in a social setting and to welcome new players down to the club. The event appears to have done just that with positive feedback from everyone who has attended. We were very pleased to have 14 colts join us this year as a result of their strong showing at pre-season so far. It’s been great to see their enthusiasm on and off the track and is no doubt a promising sign for the club moving forward.

We were lucky enough to enjoy great weather for the entirety of the day. There were lots of laughs, a few cold beverages and whilst golf wasn’t the main focus for everyone, we did finish with several teams competing for the win, with Christian Rowe, Connor Mallis, Fion Murphy and Stuart Drake ultimately taking home the “Champion Team” title.

A big thank you to everyone especially Steven Roberts who contributed to the day’s success and bring on a big 2020 season for all grades!

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