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  • Sophie Roberts

Kingsley a Triple Threat in State Game

The Cats were a triple threat in the State game between PFL and VAFA with star players Andrew Hardman (Hards), James Mitchell (Jimmy) and Jake Atkinson (Akka) taking part in the annual contest. The game takes place each year compiling the best of the best from each states amateur competition, this year it was held in WA at Fremantle Oval.

WA came out very strong in the first quarter, dominating the competition and were up 15 to 9 at the quarter time break. Victoria took strong advantage of the scoring end in the second quarter and held WA to just 2 points with half time score 17 to 25. The second half proved Victoria's time to shine as they adapted well to the wet conditions and finished the game strong.

Final score:

WA: 2.3 2.5 4.5 4.7 (31) VIC: 1.3 3.7 4.11 8.14 (62)

Although the result wasn't ideal, our boys did Kingsley very proud in their efforts. With Hards and Jimmy working tirelessly in the backline and Akka sadly coming off at half time with a hand injury after a great half of footy. We wish him a speedy recovery.

More information can be found on the PFL website here.

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