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Women's C1 Premiers 2020!

After heading into the finals undefeated, the pressure was on to finish the perfect season. You could sense the nervousness of each and every one of the players before arriving to the ground. As game time got closer and the Kingsley supporters filled the ground, the nervous energy in the change rooms was overwhelming. Thankfully once the warmup began, the nerves slowly disappeared, and the girls were ready to give it their all.

The Grand Final was the third time that Kingsley and Kenwick had met in the short 2020 season. Each team knew what they were in for. The first quarter started with 2 quick goals to Kingsley (1 to Karlee Winzer and 1 to Ellyce Wright) and then the pressure was on. Kenwick retaliated with a point late in the quarter. Q1 scores Kingsley 2.2. to Kenwick 0.1.

The pressure by each teams’ defence in Q2 was incredible and it showed on the scoreboard, with Kingsley kicking only 2 points in the quarter. After a stern talking to by Brettski and a good feed of oranges at half time, the girls were up and ready to start Q3. Kingsley came out intensely and added another 2 goals to the score board by the end of Q3 (1 to Shannon De Bari and 1 to Ellyce Wright).

Kingsley knew Kenwick would come out swinging for the last quarter of the game, and they were not wrong. As per usual Kenwick kicked a goal early in the fourth quarter. Kingsley replied with another goal from Shannon De Bari to secure the win. An incredible win to complete the perfect season.

Tenille Reidy-Crofts was the BOG with the Grand Final being her first game back in 4 weeks after an injury.

Kingsley wish to thank all the friends, family and supporters who come down to watch, the trainers, volunteers, sponsors, the Kingsley Football Club and Cheryl Edwards for her continued sponsorship and support over the last 3 years. 

Scores – Kingsley vs Kenwick.

Q1 2.2 to 0.1.

Q2 2.4. to 0.1

Q3 4.7 to 0.1

Q4 5.8 to 1.1

By Carly Sutton

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