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Purrfect Plays - Week 1

This weeks A League Purrfect Play of the week brought to you by Kingsley Village Discount Drug Store. Offering you prescription and pharmacy medicines at cheaper prices than has been previously available at your local chemist, without compromising on service.

Jake Hinder "The defender dares to dream". Let's set the scene, before we get to the magical play. The almighty kingsley cats, found themselves on the back foot but the defence line were nothing short of outstanding. League veteran Brett Mackay holding firm in defence along side the younger Jake Hinder.

Jake was smothering, punching, intercepting marks and kicking the ball outside the defence zone all day. It was at 3 quarter time when first year coach Jarrod Holmes sent the defender to forward line. The coaching master move paid dividends straight away.

BANG! The ball was kicked out of the centre bounce and up went Jakey Hinder, he missed the mark but landed on his feet like a true kingsley cat, snapped the ball around his body and the defender kicked a goal only forwards could dream of. What a play from the dashing defender. That moment capped a fine individual performance!

This weeks Colts Purrfect Play of the Week brought to you by Carole Saville - Inspiring Real Estate where they have a very simple business philosophy – we want to be remembered and known as the real estate business that people like and want to do business with and happy to refer family and friends to.

“Defying footy physics with Deon ‘Chief’ Billington”

On a windy day down in Fremantle, a straight kick at goal was already hard to come by, add the quickly increasing pressure of a close, tight and contested game of football and you have a mixture that could make the best of forwards nervous with ball in hand. Enter Deon Billington.

Season 2020 marks the return of ‘Chief’, who made the popular decision to give footy another crack after a lengthy stint on the sidelines and boy, aren’t the Cats excited about it too! ‘Chief’ gave everyone a taste of what he is capable of early in the 2nd quarter against CBC on Saturday morning, settle in’s about to get exciting!

The ball was thrown up in the middle of the ground and Deon quickly found the ball coming his way. It was handballed over his head and was tumbling towards the boundary. Like a cat pawing at a ball of string, ‘Chief’ paddled the ball along boundary line and gathered it deep in the left forward pocket. Strangely, he decides to kick a right-foot checkside punt defying all football physics, but the second the ball left his boot, the tongue was out and the finger was wagging! He had stunned the crowd and the opposition and didn’t the cats get around him! What a way to kick your first goal in your return game, Deon Billington!

This weeks Women’s Purrfect Play of the Week brought to you by Jessica Stojkovski MLA Member for Kingsley

Gemma Paige stars in “The Big Boot Backline”

It’s no secret that our newest recruit GT (Golden Trash/Golden Trevally/Giant Trevally) has a phenomenally large kick, but it wasn’t until Saturday’s game that we realised just how big her kick is!

Strong pressure from the mids allowed the backline to creep up and build a solid wall across the midfield- anything that came out of our 50 was sent straight back in. With the ball headed in GT’s direction, she broke out of the wall, cleanly picked up the ball whilst powering through several Jandakot players, looked up, and smashed the ball on the boot from 60m out.

The goal square looked crowded and players were hustling... did it bounce through? Had someone touched it? After what felt like forever, the goal umpire finally waved both flags in the air... It was a goal! However, the Giant Trevally, now making her way back into position after convincing herself that it was touched, looked more like a stunned mullet when several of the girls ran up to her in celebration. Once GT processed that she’d just kicked the biggest goal of the game her face lit up with sheer excitement as she joined in the celebrations.

We look forward to watching you play for the rest of the year GT!

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