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  • Sophie Roberts

10 Goal Win Over Rival Side

The rivalry between the Cats and North Freo has been brewing ever since the 2018 season where the teams were 1 and 1 heading into the final series. A season which was topped off in a grand final where the Cats came out victorious after a nearly perfect season, the only blemish on their record being the loss to North Freo. The game on June 29, 2019 proved no different as the teams entered the game with something to prove.

With the race to finals well and truly on in a very tight ladder, this game came at a very tense time in the season. The Cats were up by 2 goals at quarter time and 3 goals at half time as North Freo hung in there. However it was the pressure from Kingsley in the second half that lead to their 10 goal win, as well as star forwards Jamie Del Borrello and Ben Gavranich kicking 7 and 5 goals respectively.

The full time score North Fremantle 4.8-32 to Kingsley's 14.6-90.

A sweet win against a rival side on their home turf, only made sweeter by the 150 game milestone for Greeny as well as his mini "look-a-like" Smithy's first league game. See the song below.

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