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  • Sophie Roberts

Cats Wet Weather Win Against Top Side

It was miserable conditions for the Cats on June 22nd in their game against Fremantle CBC. The muddy and wet ground made it tough for either team to get clean possession and kept scoring low.

The score remained tight throughout the entire game leaving the teams in a tug of war for the lead. As the weather worsened the intensity increased with both the Cats and CBC eager to get the 4 points.

In the end it was the Cats who came away victorious with the final score Kingsley 8.9-57 Fremantle CBC 5.14-44. A true testament to how far the team has come since round 1 when CBC inducted us into A grade with a big loss.

Next came the E graders in their first night game of the season. As they ran out onto the drenched ground and took on North Beach in an equally tough game. Another low scoring but intense contest had the Cats come away with the win as the final score Kingsley 3.14-32 North Beach 1.5-11. See the victorious songs below.

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