• Sophie Roberts

Cats Win in A Grade Clincher

It was a heart stopping performance by the Cats in a home game no one will forget. As our first twilight game got underway the crowd knew they were in for a treat as the scoreline bounced back and forth between the Cats and University. A low scoring but highly intense game ensued as Kingsley were eager to get the first win under their belt for the A grade season.

The final seconds left everyone on the edge of their seat as the clock counted down the final 2 minutes in the University forward 50. The roar of the crowd when the final siren sounded relieved both players and spectators alike.

A final score of 8. 8-56 Kingsley to 7. 13-55 University was the perfect precursor to our first club event, the beer pong tournament as spirits were high.

See the victorious club song below.

Kingsley Park

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